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Anna Debenham

During my years running a successful coaching practice, I came across a groundbreaking way of working with people which involves understand the principles behind our states of mind.  Having been deeply impacted by these Principles I now devote my time to sharing this understanding, which points people to their innate resilience and explains how our experience of life is created moment to moment from the inside out.

I work with people in a variety of settings including individuals, couples, in business and groups in prison. Clients have found this approach simple yet profoundly transformative. It has led to high performance at work, peace of mind in everyday life and more ease and well being in the face of life’s challenges. Find out more about what I do.

“Through the course of my work with Anna, I began to feel more even, less anxious, lighter and more balanced. I feel more confident and better able to handle challenging situations. I feel more empowered and less stressed than I have in a long time.”
Lisa Ward – Esurance, USA